Our Work

Our Work


Learning Assistance


Case Conference with resource teachers of Ebenezer School

Before the beginning of this academic year, the IEC had a discussion about certain SEN students with the resource teachers of Ebenezer School and Lutheran School for the Deaf in August 2019. Those teachers gave the IEC members essential information as to the handling of those cases and made a number of valuable suggestions for the school.


School-based Training Sessions for Teachers


The IEC organised school-based training sessions on Integrated Education for teachers who were directly involved in the teaching of the SEN students in early September 2019. The special educational needs of each student and the related pedagogy were made known to the teachers. Most teachers found the suggestions made by the IEC to be practical.



Individual Education Planning Conferences

The IEC held 12 Individual Education Planning Conferences for 9 SEN students in the last academic year to review their academic progress, reduce their examination pressure and improve their social skills at school. Ideas were fruitfully exchanged among the participants of the conferences.



Class Helpers

The class helpers took turns to help the SEN students during the lessons.



Examination Arrangements

For the visually-impaired students, attention deficit students, autistic students or students with special learning difficulties, their examination time was extended. For the students with hearing impairments, their marks in the listening and speaking papers were adjusted so as to encourage them to take the examinations.



Social Integration


The Integrated Education Ambassadors

The IEC recruited 24 IE ambassadors to assist the SEN students in adapting to school life. They are primarily concerned with the promotion of a caring school culture. For example, they held an Integrated Education Xmas Party in Dec 2019 for the students, parents and teachers. The party was relaxing and joyful occasions for the participants.



Interpersonal Relationship Training Group

The IEC invited the school social worker to organise different activities (personality dimensions workshop, hiking trips, board games group etc) for the interpersonal relationship training group which was set up for students with SENs, some low achievers and their peers. The purpose of these activities was to understand themselves, to build up the self-esteems and to train their social skills of those students.