Study (attitude), 學習態度

1. Liberal education 通識教育

2. Diligence and independent critical thinking (韓愈 : 進學解)

3. Hypothetical diary of a troubled student

4. Spiral upward growth

5.. Genuine learning matters

6.  Everyone is wise 人人皆有 " 慧根 "

7.  Treasure you days in youth by studying hard

8.  As we grow up, we change the reasons to justify our academic pursuit

9.  Learning the approaches to solve mathematical problems

10. We learn from our own mistakes

11. 天已逝  明日是迷  面對今朝  盡力而為  (hyperlink to Ah chung 阿虫's painting) ; Yesterday was gone, tomorrow (is) a mystery

12.  Study ha ha ha (When is the best time for study ?)




Link to English sentences that train will power

Link to setting goal session one (guidance activity 9.2003)

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