University Programmes/Events

Date Programme/Event
June 2022 Gifted Education Fund: Off-school Advanced Learning Programmes - Quantum Computing for Gifted Students
*One S4 student and one S5 student were selected to enter this half-year elite programme.
February 2022 Visiting “Meet the Quantum Computers: Exhibition, Research Labs Tour and Hands-on Experience”
November 2021 “Think & Design” Product Design Competition – STEAM Lab and Maker Space Visit

Region-based Competitions/Activities

Date Competition/Activity
August 2022 1. CIC-ZCP Minecraft Competition - “Construct Your Sustainable City”
2. Green Flame Project - Smart Energy Competition
July 2022 Hong Kong ICT Awards 2022: Student Innovation Award 2022
June 2022 OSH WhatsApp Sticker Design Competition 2021-2022
May 2022 National Youth Science Video Festival 2022 (Hong Kong Selection Contest)
March 2022 The 3rd Elder Academies Cluster “Love and Compassion for Elders and Children” Photo Contest
December 2021 Envisioning a Sustainable Hong Kong Video Competition
October 2021 MasterCode 2021 - Reimagine Health and Wellbeing with AI - AI Development Gear-up Workshop
September 2021 Innovation and Technology Festival for Secondary School Students

School-based Courses/Workshops

Date Course/Workshop Content Organizer
August 2022 3D Modeling and Printing Course - Creating complex and medium to large prints
- Programming Knowledge
- Design and measurement techniques
Digital Drawing Course – iPad Procreate Application Professional 2D animated logos design and video pops MAYA Education
Drone Programming and Multimedia Production Course - Drone flight principles, drone assembly, basic manual operation, image programming and programming tasks
- Professional Drone Flight and Video Filming
Intelligent Training Center
July 2022 Lego Education Fun Day and Training Workshop - Creating complex and medium to large prints
- Programming Knowledge
- Design and measurement techniques
July 2022 Professional Image taking Course for DSE Art Subject students - Art theories and implementation on portrait photography
- Camera Flashlight operation and practice
PENCIL design & advertising
December 2021 Introduction to Artificial intelligence (with KOI AI camera) Fundamental AIoT implementations Enjoyneer
July 2021 Micro:bit Model Rocket Car Workshop and Competition Fundamental Rocket Car Implementations Enjoyneer
October-December 2022 Multimedia Training Courses - Fundamental Poster Design and Digital Drawing
- Fundamental Video Editing
- Fundamental Image Taking
- Fundamental Live Broadcasting
School Student Leaders

Cross-curricula Activities

Date Activity Organizer
July 2022 Egg-drops competition Integrated Science Department
July 2022 Workshop & Forum Confirmation - Smart Cities Liveable Convenience with AI and Privacy Protection World New Economy Council and The Innovation and Technology Commission
June 2022 The Law Society of Hong Kong - Computer and Cyber Crime Talk The Law Society of Hong Kong
June 2022 Floating and Density Project Workshop Information Technology Education Department
March 2022 S3 Cross-KLA 55th Anniversary CCC Ming Kei College project – Cake 3D Modelling STREAM Department
December 2021 Laser Cut Training Mini Workshop STREAM Department
November 2021 Analysis of Colorants in Food STREAM Department