School Profile

School Profile

Established in 1967

Ming Kei College is an Anglo-Chinese grammar secondary school founded by The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China in 1967. In the initial year of its inauguration, the school operated on the campus of Ming Yin College until it moved to the existing premises officially opened on 29 January, 1969. 

English as Medium of instruction

Regarding the medium of instruction, our school has consistently been using English as the medium since our inauguration in 1967. Under the fine-tuning policy of the Education Bureau implemented in September 2010, all S.1 classes have English as the medium of instruction for all subjects (except Religious Education, Chinese Language, Chinese History and Putonghua). 

Well-equipped School

Premises built on an area of 4300 square metres, the school is composed of two independent buildings : the school hall and the main building. The school hall has a seating capacity of 1300 and the six-storeyed, L-shaped main building has 31 classrooms and 18 special rooms which are air-conditioned, soundproof, as well as equipped with computers and projectors. 

There are three Multi-media Learning Centres and one Computer Laboratory. The school has about 300 computers which are networked and can access the Internet via broadband. 

Advocate Holistic Education

Providing students with a holistic education is our goal. In this context, the promotion of moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual education is equally emphasized. In order to enhance our students’ understanding of the country, society and community and to develop their sense of belonging, the school has put a lot of efforts into civic education. The Reading Award Scheme is implemented to encourage students to read extensively in order to enhance their English proficiency. 

In addition, we are strengthening the teaching of Chinese Language through using Putonghua and also creating an English-rich environment so as to enhance our students' biliterate and trilingual abilities. Through the setting up of the Student Association, Prefects Team and other student organizations, we instill into our students the concept of democracy and nurture them in an atmosphere of self-rule. 

Furthermore, the establishment of the "Democratic Wall" boosts our students’ courage to express their opinions, . The Peer Counselling Scheme provides them with ample opportunities to learn to be concerned about others and render help to their peers. 

Strong School-parent Partnership

The school values communication and connection with the families of our students. Since the establishment of the Parent-Teacher Association in October, 1993, a great variety of activities have been organised for the parents of our students and teachers. With the help of the school social workers, a number of counselling programmes have been run through which the parents learn the skills of counselling their children. 

Promotes Social Service

To promote our students’ participation in community service, a Service Grade Point System has been introduced. The school started a joint programme named “Young-old Partnership Scheme” with Lingnan University around ten years ago and the Ming Kei Elder Academy was inaugurated in 2007. Students play the role as a tutor to teach computer skills to the elderly. Hopefully, through practice, our students can understand and implement the Ming Kei school motto, which is the teaching of Jesus Christ : It is more blessed to give than to receive.