CCC Ming Kei College and Chongqing Nankai Middle School Chongqing-Hong Kong Sister School Exchange

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CCC Ming Kei College and Chongqing Nankai Middle School Chongqing-Hong Kong Sister School Exchange

Date: 22/03/2024

As spring returns, everything rejuvenates. After four years of pandemic trials, we finally reunite with this beautiful season. Dr. Cheung Pui Shan, the Principal of our school, led three teachers and twenty Secondary 4 students to kick-start academic exchanges with our sister school, Chongqing Nankai Middle School, on March 4, 2024, to carry out the exchange activities.

Founded in 1936 by the patriotic educator Mr. Zhang Boling, Nankai Middle School in Chongqing boasts a profound cultural heritage and is renowned as a prestigious model high school. This exchange activity, the first since the formal establishment of sister schools last July, aims to promote interaction and academic exchange between students and teachers of both schools, enriching students' learning experiences and deepening the close connection between the two schools.

On March 4, under the warm welcome of Secretary Ran Mengkai and the team of Nankai Middle School, our teachers and students embarked on a series of exchange activities: 

Party Secretary Ran Mengkai, Vice Principal Zhang Lihua, and our school principal, Dr. Cheung Pui Shan,

along with all the teachers and students of the exchange delegation, took a group photo in front of the administrative building of Chongqing Nankai Middle School.

Participating in the Flag-Raising Ceremony and Delivering a Speech under the National Flag

Upon the arrival of teachers and students of our school at Nankai Middle School, they immediately joined over two thousand Senior Grade 1 (Secondary 4) and Senior Grade 2 (Secondary 5) students from Nankai in the flag-raising ceremony. At this special moment, Hui Hei Man, a student from Class 4B, representing our school, delivered a speech titled “Speech under the National Flag,” emphasizing the significance of the two schools becoming sister schools and expressing hopes for continued collaboration between students and teachers from Chongqing and Hong Kong in contributing to our motherland. Hei Man's speech resonated with and received applause from the teachers and students present, manifesting the friendship and unity between the two schools.

At that moment, students from both schools stood together under the national flag, exchanging glances and smiles, showcasing deep camaraderie and a shared mission. This exchange activity has initiated closer cooperation between the teachers and students of the two schools, laying a solid foundation for future friendly exchanges.

Excerpt from the speech “Speech under the National Flag”

“Youth strength leads to national strength; youth prosperity leads to national prosperity; youth standing tall in the world leads to the nation standing tall in the world.” Although today we may not experience the baptism of war, endure the loss of national territory, or perceive the vicissitudes of the world, we have a responsibility to promote national spirit and contribute our strength to our motherland. This spirit should inspire us to pursue excellence, unite and strive, and jointly realize the Chinese dream. Therefore, today marks not only the beginning of a friendship journey between students of the two schools but also a new starting point for friendship between the two regions. I hope that students from Nankai Middle School and Ming Kei College can become bridges and messengers of exchanges between the two regions, jointly exploring how to contribute to our motherland and society in their respective fields. Let us join hands, make this exchange fruitful, and contribute together to the prosperity of China and the rejuvenation of the nation.

Study Buddy Program and Campus Experience

After the flag-raising ceremony, forty students from both schools officially formed study buddy pairs and embarked on a meaningful learning journey together. The study buddies from Nankai Middle School warmly welcomed their counterparts from our school, introducing them to the teaching characteristics of Nankai Middle School. They also guided our students into classrooms, where they listened to excellent teachers' explanations, participated in exciting class activities, and engaged in academic exchanges, experiencing firsthand the high-quality education model of mainland key middle schools.

Apart from classroom learning, the Nankai study buddies also led our students to participate in various extracurricular activities such as Reading Club, Street Dance Club, and Handicraft Club. They also joined the “Spring Praise-Chongqing Nankai Secondary School 2024 Poetry Reading” event. During the event, Nankai students showcased their academic enthusiasm, interests, and talents, allowing our students to experience the learning life at Nankai from different perspectives.

Throughout the entire process, the Nankai buddies provided our students with ample attention and assistance. In the classroom, they helped our students understand the education system in mainland China and adapt to the new learning environment. Outside of classrooms, the Nankai buddies guided our students on campus tours, participated together in extracurricular activities, and shared the details of their learning experiences. This one-on-one buddy exchange not only deepened the friendship between the students of both schools but also expanded their academic horizons, further promoting mutual learning and growth.

Student Reflection

Stepping into the classrooms of Nankai, I truly felt the students' earnest desire for learning.

As the teachers conducted their lessons, nearby students were either fully engaged in listening intently or diligently taking notes. Glancing back at the students behind me, I noticed that every single one of them was attentively focused on the lesson. When the teacher asked everyone to read aloud from the textbook, the students' voices resounded, and I felt as though I was hearing the collective determination to progress.

I still remember how some teachers would occasionally joke with the students, filling the entire classroom with laughter from both teachers and students, which brought a smile to my face as well. However, in the blink of an eye, when the teacher returned to the lesson content, the students could swiftly transition their demeanor, immediately immersing themselves in learning. While I lingered in the aftermath of the laughter, the scene before me quickly brought me back to reality. I couldn't help but admire their ability to seamlessly balance entertainment and learning. It filled my heart with immense respect.

Nankai is not only an outstanding high school but, more importantly, it harbors within its students a profound drive for self-improvement. This drive propels them to strive continuously. Their passion for learning and pursuit of excellence deeply inspired me, and I hope to march forward side by side with them, striving for excellence together.

Class 4C Ma Hei Man

Student Reflection

After the flag-raising ceremony concluded on March 4th, we had our first encounter with our study buddies. Meeting for the first time, I couldn't help feeling a bit shy, but the enthusiasm of my study buddy melted away my nervousness like flowing water. As we walked back to the classroom together, my study buddy kept sharing bits and pieces of life at Nankai. During meals, we could chat freely. After meals, my study buddy and I went on a walking tour of the Nankai campus. Along the way, she introduced me to the campus buildings, from the history of the campus to the school's anecdotes, and even shared some personal stories. Every place we passed was filled with laughter and joy. The gentle breeze became the background music, and everything was so unforgettable.

The following day, during the club activities, my study buddy accompanied me to the Handicraft Club. We worked together seamlessly, chatting and laughing, and completed our tasks with ease. Compared to just being "study buddies," we felt more like "old friends." At the farewell party, perhaps everyone realized that departure was imminent. Yet, with unspoken agreement, we all participated actively, hoping to leave behind beautiful memories.

When it was time to part, we escorted our study buddies back to the teaching building. There was a lingering feeling of sadness in our hearts, and none of us wanted to say goodbye. But as Yan Jidao said, "Parting is like a flowing stream; eventually, two paths will meet again." I believe we will meet again, perhaps next spring.

Class 4B Or Yan Yu 

Joint Teaching and Research Activities

In addition to student exchanges, teachers from Nankai Middle School and our school organized "Chongqing-Hong Kong Joint Teaching and Research" activities.

1. Physical Education Teaching and Research Activity

Our school’s physical education assistant, Mr. Chu King Tak, participated in the Physical Education Teaching and Research activity organized by Nankai Middle School. He observed Nankai’s special physical education exercises and exchanged teaching content and methods with the physical education teachers at Nankai , gaining insights into the latest developments and trends in mainland physical education.

2. Chinese Language Teaching and Research Activity

During the joint teaching and research activity for Chinese language, Chinese language teachers in our school, Ms. Kong Wing and Ms. Yip Man Yan, shared how Hong Kong focuses on student-centered classroom practices in Chinese language teaching. They discussed various methods such as cultivating students' critical thinking and abilities through subject-based reading courses, as well as utilizing virtual reality technology to assist in reading and writing instruction, providing immersive learning experiences.

Meanwhile, teachers from the Chinese language teaching and research group, along with the director of the Guidance Department from Nankai, Mr. Lu Ping, shared Nankai's "Golden Class" project and its Chinese language classroom evaluation system. They discussed how Nankai Middle School meets evaluation requirements to enhance the teaching quality and learning outcomes of its classrooms.

The atmosphere during the sharing session was lively. Both sides engaged in joint teaching and research, exchanging ideas and learning from each other, discussing the similarities and differences in teaching strategies to further enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning. Together, they aim to promote the development of Chinese language education and improve students' language literacy.

Through this spring exchange activity, both students and teachers from Ming Kei College and Nankai Middle School have established strong friendships and broadened their horizons, enhancing their learning abilities. In the future, it is hoped that there will be more opportunities for exchange and collaboration between the two schools, allowing teachers and students to inspire each other and grow together, thus better preparing for future development in the era of globalization.

Party Deputy Secretary and Principal Xiao Li, Vice Principal Zhang Lihua from Nankai Middle School in Chongqing, along with our principal Dr. Cheung Pui Shan,

together with the entire exchange delegation of teachers and students, and the study buddies from Chongqing Nankai Middle School,

took a group photo in front of the statue of Chairman Mao.

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